The  WBFAA reviewed the courses and has approved them for CEH for the purpose of renewal of California State Certification.

Submit CEH's Online

You can now submit in-house or 3rd party manufacturers training online! Please fill out the online form with all information requested and upload a .pdf for certificates received. The WBFAA UATC must APPROVE your Continuing Education hours, so that they will be accepted for renewal by the Electrician Certification  Unit. Response to submission will be by email and mailed letter. PLEASE PROVIDE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS AND MAILING ADDRESS.

The following is a list of courses with CEUs from NTS that are available online at The  WBFAA reviewed the courses and has approved them for CEH for the purpose of renewal of California State Certification.

Registered Technicians have access to all courses and earn access of one and one half (1 ½) hour for each monthly training fee received ($25 per month).  These hours are cumulative and we recommend providing all current members twelve (12) hours on the initial launch.  Continued membership is required for online access.



  • Introduction to Electronic Access Control
  • Smart Card Technology
  • Introduction to Basic Fire Alarm Technology
  • Basic Fire Alarm Systems & 2 NFPA Standards (2 hours)
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Basic Metric Units and Conversions
  • Plans, Specifications and Contracts
  • Basic Physical Science
  • Fire Warning Equipment for Dwelling Units
  • Basic Individual Safety
  • First Aid Procedures
  • Basic Wiring
  • Devices and Components
  • Periodic Tests
  • Basic Electricity
  • Basic Working Drawings
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Installation Practices
  • Fire Protection Plans and Symbols
  • Construction Plans
  • Specifications and Cost Estimates
  • Contracts
  • Building Codes
  • Insurance Authorities and Their Requirements
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Protective Premises Fire Alarm Systems
  • Auxiliary Fire Alarm Systems
  • Remote Station Protective Signaling Systems
  • Proprietary Supervising Station Systems
  • Basics of System Layout
  • Central Station Fire Alarm Systems
  • Manual Fire Alarm Systems and Guard’s Tour Service
  • Heat Sensing Fire Detectors
  • Smoke Sensing Fire Detectors
  • Flame Sensing Fire Detectors
  • Sprinkler Waterflow and Supervisory Devices
  • Alarm Notification Appliances
  • Basics of Signal Transmission
  • Business Communications
  • Intermediate Mathematics
  • Electrical Installation Standards
  • Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Surveys for Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
  • Fire Alarm System Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm System Wiring
  • Emergency Evacuation Signals
  • Combination Systems
  • Basic Fire Alarm System
  • Supervision and Supervisory Service
  • Detection Methods
  • Detector Spacing
  • Power Supplies
  • System Acceptance and Periodic Tests
  • Severe Storm Testing and Compliance
  • C is for Codes: The Importance of Using Door Hardware Appropriately in Life Safety
  • Codes and Hardware: Access, Egress and the AHJ
  • Door Hardware and Life Safety Issues
  • 7 Steps to Workplace Violence Crisis Response Plan
  • Business to Business Security Model
  • Pre-employment Screening and Background Checking
  • Zero Tolerance is Not Enough
  • Video Design Theory
  • Multiplexers/Matrix
  • Digital Management Systems
  • Recorders
  • Site Assessment Detector Spacing
  • Legal
  • CCTV System Overview
  • Cameras Severe Storm Testing and Compliance
  • Lighting
  • Lenses
  • Transmission
  • Monitors
  • Pan/Tilts & Domes
  • Switchers and Quads

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